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  • Descripción es exacto "<dc:description>Fil: Santos, Juan E. 1.-Universidad de Buenos Aires. Facultad de Ingeniería. Instituto del Gas y del Petróleo. Buenos Aires; Argentina. 2.- Hohai University. School of Earth Sciences and Engineering. Nanjing; China. 3.- Purdue University. Department of Mathematics. West Lafayette; United States<dc:description>"

Título: Slow Waves in a Poroelastic Solid Saturated by Multiphase Fluids.

Título: A Numerical Rocks Physics Approach to Model Wave Propagation in Hydrocarbon Reservoirs.

Título: Analysis of Fracture Induced Anisotropy in a Biot Medium as Function of Effective Pressure

Título: Long-Wave Anisotropic Behavior of Highly Heterogeneous Fractured Biot Media.

Título: Sensitivity Analysis of the Petrophysical Properties Variations on the Seismic Response of a CO2 Storage site.

Título: Numerical simulation of waves in non-isothermal poroelastic media.

Título: An SEIR epidemic model of fractional order to model the COVID-19 epidemic in Argentina.

Título: A numerical model of hydraulic fracturing in shale-gas reservoirs.

Título: Finite element upscaling to characterize the seismic response of hydrocarbon reservoirs

Título: Attenuation and dispersion of seismic waves in thin layered porous rocks saturated by two-phase fluids.

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